Use a Venset electric window opener instead of a rod/cord when windows are out of reach

The window-opener is operated as standard by a wall mounted rocker switch but there is an option to have a remote control

Thousands now sold in the UK and worldwide, you can see a video from the USA on this link

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The electric window opener works with the knee joint principle. This means that it is really strong in the end positions.This is especially important when pressing the window seals. The minimum pull-push is 8 kg. The motor runs on 24VDC. AC adaptor 100-240V 50/60Hz as standard. Ventilation improves the environment and health in a building but it must be easy!

These small compact electric window openers can simply help make independent life easier for an elderly or disabled person.

Ideal for hard to reach windows, Velux style and many others.

The window opener power supply can simply plug in to any UK mains socket.

The window opener is usually sold with a control panel with a hold switch function. This means that you just press and can walk away. When fully open or closed the motor will stop automatically but still it can be stopped in any position.


When you leave the window open it can close automatically after 30 minutes.

RF Remote control window opener also available.

A basic model 110 kit is shown below, comes with UK adaptor and wall mounted rocker switch

The window opener is also available with full RF (radio frequency ) remote control operation.

For wider windows it is possible to combine 2 window openers to operate together.

Window manufacturers / installers and DIY, trade or retail. Please contact below for further details of how to buy, we have extensive UK stock.

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Manufacturers web site and click on product ref: 110 or click this link direct to the window openers option page

updated 30/10/15